Top 10 Android & iOS Marvelous Apps You Should Checkout
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The Android apps, which stand alone on the top of a pantheon. All these apps have become global with Android as well as if you’re searching for the good stuff it’s expected that you have some of the stuff already. There are a lot of marvellous apps available there because of a professional Android app development provided by an expert mobile app development company. Although, their effectiveness is generally limited to the people’s habits that use them. All these apps shouldn’t have the problems. Everyone can utilize these. Without any further delay, let’s see the top 10 Android apps currently accessible!


Top 10 Android Apps



Pricing: Free / $1.99

1Weather is perhaps the finest weather available. It features an easy and paginated design, which shows the present weather, prediction for equal to 12 weeks, one radar, as well as other fun stats. The free version has all the features showing advertising. With $1.99 charge, you can get rid of the advertising otherwise both the versions are the same.


Google Maps

Price: Free

Google Maps practically possesses the navigation apps and it continues to be amongst the finest Android apps. It has frequent, nearly weekly updates, which adds to an amazingly large list of current features. Besides the basics, the Google Maps provides you access to the traffic data, places of interest, directions to things including gas stations or rest stop, and they even allow you to use maps offline now (though temporarily).


Google Drive

Price: Free / $1.99-$299.99 per month

Google Drive is the cloud storage solution accessible on Android where the users get free data of 15GB after signing up and you can buy more if you need. The Google Suit for Android makes Google Drive extremely special with apps like Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Photos, Google Slides, Google Keep, Gmail, and Google Calendar.


LastPass Password Manager

Price: Free / $12 per year

LastPass is amongst the must-have Android apps. This app is a password manager, which helps you save the login credentials in a safe and secured way. Besides that, this can assist in generating almost impossible passwords to use for your accounts. You can control all with the master password. It also provides cross-platform support so that you can utilize that on computers, tablets, mobile devices, or whatsoever.


Google Assistant / Google Search / Google Feed

Price: Free

This is amongst the most powerful apps. It works on the majority of Android devices. Just download this app and enable it. From here, you can ask about whatever you wish. It also backs different commands. You may control your lights, ask anything you want to search, and it could even solve easy math problems if you want.


Nova Launcher

Price: Free / $4.99

Nova Launcher looks to get extended beyond what usual launchers are. It’s available for many years and it’s constantly get updated, and therefore, it’s never going to be a wonderful option for the launcher replacement. This comes with a lot of features, including the capability of backing up as well as restoring the setups of the home screen, iconic themes for all the Android apps, lots of customization fundamentals for the home screen, app drawer, as well as more.


Microsoft SwiftKey

Price: Free

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard is amongst the most customized and powerful third-party keyboards accessible. It’s a completely free download as well as you can buy themes for that if you wish to. Other characteristics include a committed number row called SwiftKey Flow that permits for multiple language support, gesture typing, cross-device library syncing and more.


Poweramp Music Player

Price: Free trial / $4.99

Poweramp is amongst the most functional and most popular native music players on Android. This has all the features, including Android Auto, hi-res audio support, gapless smoothing, an equalizer, as well as support for all audios codec you could find. It supports devices like Quad DAC and LG V60.


Podcast Addict

Price: Free / $3.99

Podcast Addict is a superb podcast app for podcast fans. It structures nearly all podcasts you could think of. Moreover, it has an easy-to-use and efficient, plenty of organizational structures, lots of playback & download features, as well as one-cost premium versions. You may browse podcasts through categories or search them individually. You may also set the download rules, prepare playlists effortlessly, and it helps both Chromecast as well as SONOS together with Wear OSand Android Auto.


YouTube & YouTube Music

Price: Free / $12.99+

At one price, you will get the mixture of YouTube Music as well as YouTube with more than sufficient tracks to deal with Apple Music and Spotify. Although, you also have ad-free YouTube together with the background video play as well as offline downloading. That one or two bunch is available there with Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu, as well as a bundle for $12.99 every month as amongst the finest deals for audio and video streaming.

If we have missed some Android apps, then let us know and we will add in our top Android apps list given by the best Android app development service providers.


Top 10 ios apps

In the past decade, iPhones have become essential in the users’ lives because of professional iOS app development. For iPhone users, there are top 10 iOS apps which you must-haves. Let’s go through them:


Day One

Price: Free / $34.99 per year

Day One is a must-have app for years due to its features. You can add videos, unlimited photos, and recording audio for posts. In addition, you can get your preferred journals printed in the real book, as well as all the entries added in the journal could get encrypted. Even there is API access accessible through IFTTT, which can repeatedly add entries in the journals. This software has multiple-language support for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.



Price: Free / $2.99 per month

1Password deals with multiple logins, multiple shared vaults, and two-factor authentication easily, making that the best password management software. These multiple vaults could be shared with the business partners is the no-brainer feature, which makes the software worth the weight. The app comes with multiple languages with the size of 96.8MB.


DEVON think to Go

 Price: $7.99 / $14.99

DEVONthink is a mobile document management tool to scan documents as well as automatically transcribe into searchable PDF documents as well as synced into iCloud. You can use the iOS version to sort, search, view, as well as lookup data while on the go. You can add files and documents directly in the iOS version, however, Mac version supports OCR and scanning documents into the searchable PDFs.



Price: Free Trial / $19.99 per year

Unread is a simple RSS reading client, which can sync with the multiple service providers like Feedly, Feed Wrangler, etc. It downloads complete content of articles so that you don’t need to navigate the apps to other website for reading the complete text, as well as it features gestures and keyboards that provide importance to the content over app’s UI.


Google Photos

 Price: Free / Paid

Google Photos app can repeatedly back up the photos to your Google account also. You can set this app to repeatedly back up all your photos from your device whenever some new photos get added to Apple’s Photos library. On condition that you don’t power quit the apps from the device, this will keep you back up without any involvement. Google Photos supports several languages.



 Price: $4.99 one time

Deliveries can sync with iCloud or get shipment data between all your devices. This provides push notifications for the up-to-the-minutes package tracking, as well as includes the capability of searching all your previous deliveries and see the existing deliveries on the map as well as arranged delivery dates without the need to leave this app.



Price: Free

Stocard is an app, which scans the barcodes of cards as well as organize them numerically. Whenever you go to any store, just take out your mobile and allow the barcode to get scanned. You may even store the photo of back and front of your card in case, a digitized barcode declines to work or you require additional proof for your card.


Carrot Weather

Price: $4.99

Carrot Weather is the weather app, which uses a Dark Sky API for getting weather data, however, is substantially configurable to utilize different other services or your personal weather positions. It comes with the ability to use Siri Shortcuts, Apple Watch app, as well as customization, which makes that worth the pricing.



Price: $8.99 one time

Notability app allows you to take typed notes or hand-written notes with the drawing capabilities while recording the room audio with your iPhone. With the capability of syncing recorded audio to typed notes, sharing notes with the presentation mode or in different other ways, comprising PDF, and sync with multiple cloud services like iCloud Drive.



Price: $19.99 one time

With Screens, it’s easy to start screen-sharing sessions from anywhere providing your Windows or Mac computer is associated with your network and turn it on. With the mouse or keyboard support, you can do more complex jobs, thanks to the Screens app. using curtain mode, keyboard shortcuts, as well as gesture support, Screens app is helpful if you’re in the pinch as well as require to access your computer.

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