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The mobile apps are quickly becoming a departure to success for dynamic and businesses entrepreneurs. It helps the users to collaborate, engage, and hear from the customers. There is an incredible opportunity for mobile app development services because companies from small startups to big enterprises are providing contextual and personalized experiences to their customers.

There is a huge audience to get reached out using both Android and iOS. No perfect reply is there for choosing either of these platforms, however, if you can’t launch for building for both the platforms because of resource, budget, or time constraints, think about the targeted market before starting android app development services.

In case you want to create an Android app, it is important to think about the following characteristics:

  • Demographics usage
  • Features to be incorporated
  • Monetization model
  • Targeted Market
  • Type of app that you want to develop
  • User Acquisition

A lot of mobile apps die and are buried in the piles of apps. You can get many reasons behind your brand app’s failure. It is important to know the mobile background before making a dive into the mobile app development process.

It is important to leverage all the latest features of Android app development to stay updated on different news making in the Android world as well as the latest updates in Android application. If you want to maximize your app’s reach, you need to ensure that you create it for the leading platforms of the mobile community.

Let’s go through the latest trends of Android app development 2020, which you should think about before jumping into creating a mobile app.


AndroidX Releases

  • WorkManager 2.3.0 comes with new setForeground() and setProgress()APIs that allow you to connect progress when your Worker runs and allows a Worker to course in the foreground services when required.


  • Lifecycle 2.2.0 with new lifecycle-runtime-ktx object with Kotlin coroutine incorporation. Moreover, better integration in the current lifecycle-live data-ktx object for co-routines.


  • Navigation 2.2.0 offers navigation graph-scoped Lifecycles as well as SavedState using the new NavBackStackEntry, enquiry parameter support for deeper links, and better animation support.


  • Fragment 1.2.0 has introduced FragmentContainerView as a suggested container for fragments, participates in the Lifecycle ViewModel SavedState, as well as overcomes timing problems with onDestroyView() with the usage of transitions or animations.


Latest Android Updates from the Android Developer’s Blog


  • Android styling system: It is a powerful way of specifying your app’s graphic design, however it can be easily misused.


  • Flashing Builds from Android Open-Source Project: Google has just launched an Android Flash Tool through meaningfully streamlining the procedure and help the developers’ flash devices having the build from an Android Open Source Project.


  • Flow APIs in Kotlin: It is a better way of handling the data stream asynchronously, which executes successively.


News from the Web about Android Games

  • Android Game SDK: Among the latest Games SDK from Google that is considered as a significant tool for the game developers moving ahead. At present, there is only one library having the possibility of the growing SDK.
  • How to Make Non-Game Apps in Unity: Unity as the game engine is very important. However, this is a flexible development environment for excessive non-gaming apps.
  • Indie Games Festival: It is an online home of Indie Games Festival permitting submission of the games or only signing up for some events.


Expected Features in Android 11

  • Built-in Screen Recorder – In Android 11, you will get a built-in screen recorder. It is a very small but important feature. You may not need this feature every day but it will be useful when you need to record something on your screen.
  • Customized Back Gesture – In this feature, you can determine the parts of your screen for slide-out menus that identify the back gesture.


  • Dark Mode Scheduling: The new Android 11 needs to allow creating a customized schedule for the dark mode having a technique to turn on/off depending on the timing of sunset as well as sunrise.


  • Scrolling Screenshot Feature – People are expecting this feature also in Android 11 as it helps you take regular screenshots like they are already doing however, you need more on your screen to capture, you need to have a closure for expanding a screenshot for as long as the user needs.


Wrapping Up

It is very important to get updated with all the latest trends of Android app development to create intuitive and robust apps. Brevity can help you in all your app development services requirements. Just contact us!

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