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The majority of native app development customers ask why you should choose Flutter for mobile application development and we say that you MUST as it’s outstanding in every aspect and superior to all other frameworks.

Before understanding how Flutter is better, let’s find out what the Flutteris.

What is Flutter?


Flutter is a free as well as open-source development mobile User Interface framework, made by Google, released in 2017. The objective of the Flutter was to create a native app development with only one codebase. It indicates that you could severely be programming dialect as well as one codebase for creating two different apps for iOS and Android platforms and that’s why Flutter has established its place in the market very well.

Why PreferFlutter App Development?


Flutter has many reasons for selecting other frameworks. Flutter can address general issues and shortcomings, which are faced throughout the open-source development with different other technologies. Here are some reasons to prefer flutter app development:

  • Dart Language

Dart Language is specially designed from the ground level and it is ideal to develop custom applications as well as is optimized and tuned up for UI development. There are no challenging standards, no grafting about what should be the standard features, as well as no bizarre language quirks. This has a clear powerful syntax, which encourages strong designing and architecture. Together with that, it has easy maintenance, unification, standardization, and longevity, which the majority of cross-development platforms are not having.

  • Quick Applications

Flutter works on graphics, native binaries, as well as rendering engines created on C/C++, which helps in creating extremely quick applications. These applications may achieve 60fps on the majority of devices as well as 120fps on the devices to support it. You can have a big performance factor, which makes the Flutter worth choosing.

Flutter has many benefits over the competitors as it helps in building native apps, which are not easy to beat for smooth rendering and performance.

  • A Greater Framework

Flutter is an outstanding framework, designed on a wonderful language – Dart as well as also has a quick-high-performance rendering engine named Skia. This language encourages the developers of different skill levels to have applications, which use good designing patterns with best practices, instead of just getting hit by standard conflicts or in-built technical debt results from poorer language practices.

  • Acquiescence with UI Standards

Flutter complies with structural benchmarks; it makes sure that all the design segments of an app work as per the standards. As per the design standards, all the components of the app need to be contemporary and there needs to be ended fittingness of design across devices of various screen sizes.

  • SDKs and Native Features

Flutter provides third-party incorporations, easy local codes, as well as platform APIs that make the development lifecycle wonderful. With Flutter, it’s easy to access SDKs and local highlights on both platforms as well as reuse the roughly used programming dialects for Android and iOS.

  • Testing

Having two platforms utilizing the same code, it’s easy for the testing process. As there is one code for testing, it becomes quicker and less boring. It is possible as developers only need to write autotests once as there is merely one codebase. The time for the market is automatically going down as testing becomes quicker.


Important Features of Flutter


  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

Cross-platform compatibility to develop mobile apps, as well as cost and time reduction to market, is the main advantage of Flutter.

  • GPU UI

Flutter comes with a wonderful GPU UI that is extremely important for the apps rich with graphic designs, CPU is not capable of dealing with loads of graphics.

  • Hot Reloading

Developers make the app changes as well as reload them to end up themselves at the starting route however, Flutter permits hot reloading that reloads the part that has been modified so that the developers can stay on that page they were before reloading.

  • Library

A development procedure gets decreased as Flutter has the library of customized app interfaces and widgets for the developers.

  • Mobile App Localization

App localization means making the mobile apps adaptable to any particular geographic location. For expanding the user’s base, it is very important to contain the application, as well as Flutter’s SDK helps seamless app localization.

  • Single Code

Flutter decreases the time of mobile app development because the modification time gets decreased as one code may be used as an operating system.

  • Web View

To get an idea about the apps that will look on the web app or website, Flutter has the feature of web view components.


Which Types of Applications Flutter Builds?


  • Desktop Apps

Flutter community leverages Flutter SDK for the desktop apps development. It will allow mobile app development for MacOS, Linux, Windows, etc. with Flutter SDK.

  • Web Apps

‘Hummingbird’ is the Flutter community’s project aims at helping the developers in leveraging Flutter SDK for mobile application development.

  • IoT

Flutter SDK could be combined with IoT (Internet of Things) components also. Although Flutter is completely new in the market, it has got attention after Google has announced its accessibility – with Flutter 1.7 in 2019.

Flutter has excellent qualities compared to other cross-platform frameworks, however, some aspects of that are still covering behind. However, constant efforts of the community have refined the framework to some heights as it is getting considered the steadiest framework of the mobile application development.



Flutter is a wonderful way of building high-performance, beautiful, and exceptional mobile applications, which can easily fulfil the customer’s requirements. This is the best option particularly if you need apps for both Android and iOS.

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