AI Digital Assistants for Digital Marketers
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In case, you are not ready to involve an AI digital assistant as a marketer, then you will have a hard time competing with everybody else. Though you’re obscuring in the tidal wave of every day, weekly, or monthly jobs, your competition would swim circles around you. For example, Alexa provides you with the finest jams on-demand as well as Siri assists you in finding the nearby Starbucks, an AI digital assistant can assist you in becoming a superior marketer.

What Are the AI Personal Assistants?

AI personal assistants are the software programs, which help you automate and complete tasks with the click, tap, or voice commands. If you remember, the millennial interrupted the way worked with telecommuting and remote. Artificial Intelligence is also doing similar things. According to the Salesforce State of Marketing Report, AI adoption by marketers is increased by a massive 186% since 2018, having 84% using AI technology.

In case, you don’t need to spend your time getting relevant content for sharing with the audiences or scrolling using limitless Instagram profiles to get a “perfect” influencer for the next campaigns, you need to concentrate on what you perform the best: Creation, implementation, and fine-tuning of your marketing strategies. Also, you will have a huge amount of data to support the decisions that will provide you with superior results, a greater ROI, and extra sales.


The Advantages of AI Assistants in the Marketing

As 75% of the marketers are planning to apply artificial Intelligence in the businesses in the coming three years, the question is, what’s all the concern about? Why do you need to care about having AI in the job as marketers? Let’s go through some advantages you can getusingAI personal assistants:

Increase Productivity

What you don’t like about your work the most? Are they dull and repetitive jobs or the time spent on data annoying to make sense of that? Give your most eye-roll-inducing and soul-draining jobs to the AI personal assistant as well as take back the time. The finest part is no recruiting, complaining, or training is needed. With the repetitive jobs, no longer on your calendar, you’ll get extra time to concentrate on the bigger pictures and tap that into creativity.

Create Superior Content Quickly

Creating content is great for drawing new leads as well as creating trust within your audience. However, it’s also a resource and time-intensive. The right AI personal assistant can assist you in speeding up, scaling, and optimizing the workflow of content marketing— around 47% of the marketers say that it is the biggest challenge.AI is used for creating content isn’t the new idea. World’s largest brands are already utilizing that as a part of the content marketing approach.

Improve Your SEO in Lesser Time

Are you expending hours creating content as well as getting zero traffic during the search?AI personal assistants can recognize where you’re wrong as well as streamline your SEO service strategy. With only a few clicks, it’s easy to observe which content you need to write for your niche as well as what keywords the best-ranking websites are using for getting Google’s ranking. AI could also optimize the current blog posts as well as improve the search rankings with the help of SEO service, paid marketing, and digital marketing service. You’ll have suggestions about how to develop content and what keywords to be used to rank higher for queries.

The Best AI Assistant Tools for the Marketers

You can start using all these AI personal assistants for automating the marketing workflow.

  • Ad Campaigns: Pathmatics, Pattern89, Phrasee
  • Content Ideas: Curata, Stackla, Unmetric
  • Creating Content: Acrolinx, AI-Writer, Atomic Reach
  • Email Marketing: Automizy, Cortex by Retention Science,, Drift
  • Landing Pages: Personyze
  • Personalization: Emarsys, Uberflip
  • SEO: Text Optimizer, MarketMuse, WordLift
  • Social Media: HubSpot, Meet Cortex, NetBase, Lately, Zoomph



Remember that AI assistants have not come to substitute you. These tools are perfect to assist you in getting rid of the heavy task loads so that you can concentrate on strategy, go into creativity, and innovation. Automating the workflow immediately makes you more fruitful, and AI assists you in predicting the buyer’s voyage far more precisely.

You may analyze huge sets of data within seconds. You can dig deep insights, personalize the digital marketing campaigns, as well as take the user experience to a completely new level. Briefly, AI assistants can be a game-changer for the marketers that want to utilize tech to outlast, outwit, or outplay the competition.

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