Why Flutter is an Ideal Tool for MVP Development?

Why Flutter is an Ideal Tool for MVP Development
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When it comes to app developing or launching an app, neither of them are easy processes. There are complex things that you need to deal with carefully in the process.

Not just the development/launch of an app, but also the price of app development and the time taken for the development is always a concern for the client. Also, you have a high competition to face within the market.

Many clients face this problem and the solution to this problem is to go with an MVP which is Minimum Viable Product. It is the perfect solution that comes within your set budget.

Now, before we understand why flutter is the ideal tool for MVP development let us know what flutter is


What is Flutter?


Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit that is introduced by Google. The development of mobile apps for iOS, Android or some desktop platforms, for example, Linux, Windows, and Google Fuchsia, etc. is possible easily with Flutter.

Flutter app development proves to be the best tool for an app development agency willing to maximize costs with native-like conduct.


Why Flutter for MVP development?


Here are the reasons why Flutter is the appropriate tool for MVP development


  • * Aids Development of Cost-Effective Mobile App

For many businesses, cost limitations become obstacles in the path of using mobility space. You need to spend a considerable amount of native apps development. This is because the app development involves iOS developers along with Android app developers working on the project separately.

On the other hand, Flutter offers a budget-friendly MVP development for you.

Flutter is the perfect solution to develop mobile apps that are compatible with Android and iOS using just one codebase. With Flutter, you can also make the required integrations.


  • * Demonstrative and Adaptable User-Interface

Flutter follows the Google standards, which are the demonstrative and adaptive user interface. A flexible UI improves the customer’s experience. For instance, Flutter has its built-in widgets for Cupertino, material design, etc.


  • * Excellent Native Performance

In case the budget is not a constraint for you to invest in mobile app development, you can always hire individual teams of iPhone and Android app developers.

But if you have a limited budget and still wish to build hybrid apps, then many frameworks available may not offer the kind of app performance you need. This, in turn, can ruin the user experience.

In that case, you can switch to flutter wherein you don’t need to compromise on the app performance. So, using Flutter to build an MVP can help your users get better native experience.


  • * Accelerated App Development

When you use Flutter for App development, faster turn-around time is assured. This is possible as SDK comes along with high reload functionality. It makes easier for the developers to monitor the real-time changes in app development. This makes the entire app development process faster and easier.


  • * Effortless Integration using Firebase

With Flutter, you do not need to arrange for an individual backend for simple MVP development. Firebase provides amazing support for a range of services like hosting, cloud storage, real-time databases, cloud functions, authentication, and hosting, etc.


  • * Supports Several IDEs

Upon hiring Flutter developers, they get the liberty to select a range of Integrated Development Environment. It utilizes the Visual Code. The code is lightweight and is quite fast.


  • * In-built App Campaigns

Once the app is launched, the next most important step is marketing. Most entrepreneurs are always worried about marketing. Now, Flutter has a solution for this too. It helps you promote your app on various platforms like Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, Gmail, and Google Display Network.


  • * Constant Growth and Development

Flutter gives you an aggressive set up for app development. It consists of a devoted widget engine & UI components that are the same as native platforms. When it comes to customization, the widgets are quite flexible and are beautifully designed.


  • * Active Flutter Community

Talking about the Flutter community, it is quite an active community for the users.  You can raise tickets and engage in conversations etc through this community.


Wrapping Up

If you are an entrepreneur willing to build an MVP within a limited budget, then shift to Flutter to meet all your mobile app development needs. You can contact Brevity Software for all your MVP Development requirements.

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