Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence can provide $15.7 trillion to the worldwide economy by the year 2030! And you are already experiencing it, knowingly or unknowingly in your everyday life. For example, Amazon recommends a book or Netflix suggests a TV show or film to you. These recommendations rely on the algorithms, which examine what you’ve watched or purchased. The algorithms study your purchases and use them to recommend other things which you could enjoy. AI works behind all these algorithms.

AI can even filter incoming emails, distracting spam mails away from the inbox. This works better than software development as it knows what could be spammed based on the email’s content. AI can even make a model as per your preferences. AI has come much further than suggesting a book or filtering the emails.

Let’s see how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence affects your everyday life:


Financial Companies Monitor Fraud with Artificial Intelligence

Financial companies are using AI to monitor all the transaction requests as algorithms process data very quickly. They find patterns in the transactions as well as alert the users about suspicious activities.

They can verify that the transaction was yours before processing the payment. This may look inconvenient while booking the exhibition tickets, however, it might save thousands of dollars for the long-term.


Self-Driving Cars Use AI for Auto Driving

You might have learned driving your car using experience and practice. With machine learning, you can let the car learn how to drive on the road as well as integrate with the user-operated cars.

In the reported incidents up to now, drivers have crashed with self-driving cars as the self-driving cars follow the rules so rigidly. AI can increase them beyond easy programming for better evaluating the situations in real-time on the road. They can apply what they’ve discovered in previous situations for making better decisions.


AI and Airline Autopilot

In case, you’ve traveled on a flight anywhere, you’ve already used Artificial Intelligence!

Any average Boeing 777 pilot gives only seven minutes for manually piloting the plane! The air planes utilize a combination of GPS and motion sensors as well as track position in the flight. The software development can also land business aircraft, though most of the seven minutes are used in takeoff as well as landing.

It is probably the finest use of technology, where the effect of AI is hardly felt in everyday life!


AI and Smart Homes

The IoT or Internet of Things has become amongst the biggest technical changes in recent times. IoT technology needs the usage of sensors and all of them collect huge data quantities. Unluckily, there’s too much data that needs to be analyzed by the human operators.

As an alternative, AI can change this data and help in making the lives easier. The researchers can have more precise predictions during the pilot projects because of their capability to use big data. The conclusions will become more valid than experiments done using the sample data.



With the use of neural network architecture, AI can advance translation software development with better accuracy for understanding different languages. So, no advancements are possible without Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and solutions!

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