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Web Applications are the finest way for organizations to providing online solutions that can be accessed by a wide range of platforms and devices using any web browser. Web applications can provide information securely using the Internet or can host internally using secured networks.

Brevity Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Web Application Development Company that offers a complete range of Web Application Development services including project scoping, framing, design and development, testing, and support– all given by our knowledgeable and friendly team.

We offer customized website design & development services. For your requirements, we can offer different solutions using either open source technologies or enterprise-level technologies.


Being a Custom Web Application Development Company, we design and develops web applications using a wide range of technologies like Microsoft ASP.NET, MVC, PHP, WordPress, Dynamic CRM, Umbraco, Joomla, Magento, SQL Server, My SQL, Ajax, jQuery, JSON, HTML 5, CSS 3, Software CRM, Windows Azure, and Amazon Services. We have experience of many years of successfully providing web applications for a wide range of customers that need information managed in a flexible and secured way.

Versatility is among the greatest strengths of Brevity. We have extensive experience in all domains and developed web applications like:


Requirement Gathering

Requirement gathering is a very important part of the web application development process. We establish series of meetings with customers and collect their requirements and as an outcome, we develop functional specification documents, technical specification documents, and Wireframes. This step helps customers to define and freeze the scope of the project and with the help of wireframes, customers will be able to see the blueprint of the entire project.

Development & Unit Testing

Functional specifications, Technical specifications, and wireframes give a clear vision of the customer’s requirements and it makes the development process seamless. Brevity’s Development team can progress with the web development without any hurdle as the requirements of the project will be very clear which will help them to achieve milestones in a timely manner. Brevity’s developers are trained very well to give equal importance to unit testing once the development part is done.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is part of Brevity Software Solutions’ development process. We build applications for success and to allow future growth and scalability. Highly developed applications need better server resources and Brevity creates automatic test cases for simulating millions of users for making sure that your website can deal with the traffic.

Quality Assurance Testing

A significant part of the development process is the testing of all possible interactions with the applications. We have an experienced QA team that carefully tests all the features before the application is installed. Our team won’t get pleased until the quality of the highest level is attained.


Usability is very important for any website’s success. Although we produce applications, which can execute any difficult task, we also integrate easy and user-friendly interface designing. Your targeted audience will realize the diversity they find, which results in repeated usage and an enormous brand experience.


We have enough experience of the standard integration of high-level security compliance procedures and standards and usually fulfill Payment Gateway Compliance requirements.

Site Management

We provide customized tools you require to have control over your site. Content updates, collecting and reporting data, as well as making managerial changes are easy through a customized management console.


Being a Custom Web App Development Company, Brevity Software Solutions has a development team with an all-inclusive project management system to enhance communication and delivery with the clients, right through the project development process.

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