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Laravel Web Development Company

Laravel beta version was released in 2011. But due to extension ability using bundles and high speed, it has become one of the most preferred open source development platform in a short span of time. With elegant coding, faster development, reduced process time and quick execution, this MVC framework is the best open source framework for developing superlative web applications with robust features for various business and industry verticals.

Brevity Software Solutions is a leading Laravel web development company in India specializing in maintainable and reliable Laravel web development solutions. We strive to keep your business ahead of your competitors and try to satisfy the evolving needs of modern enterprises through our Laravel development services. Adopting all the techniques and skills of Laravel since its inception, we work hard to deliver effective solutions to our clients.


Faster development
Laravel comes with modular incentive packaging system which saves a lot of time in development and makes the customization and setup process simpler and easier.

Organized Coding
This allows application of finest execution practices. Separate files for SQL codes means stress-free coding with the ease of monitoring and maintenance. This can give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Built-in features
Laravel has many built-in features that help service layers, injection dependency containers, and various template engines to ensure well-structured coding.

Auto Loading
This framework is able to deliver PHP class automated loading but does away with the need for inclusion paths and maintenance.

Great Migration capabilities
Migrations are like version control for your database schema. It allows you to easily modify and share the changes in the database and base code of apps to facilitate both updates and deployment.

Query rebuilding
Fluent support from eloquent helps in quick query rebuilding and restricts implementation between multiple objects in the database.

Bundled features
The built-in modular packages help the developers in quick implementation and alterations.

Reusable codes
Developers can reuse the codes ‘n’ number of times in a project thus eliminating the need for writing the same lines of code again and again in a project, thereby saving time and space.

Zero Overhead to the applications
A simple yet powerful templating engine named Blade is provided with Laravel in which the Blade views are compiled into plain PHP code and are cached until they are modified.

Easier interaction with databases
Using raw SQL, fluent query rebuilding and eloquent ORM, Laravel makes it easy to interact with a large number of database backends. Currently, Laravel supports 4 types of databases: MySQL, SQLite, SQL Server, PostgreSQL.


Brevity Software Solutions is a top-notch Laravel web development company in India having a successful track record of delivering outstanding Laravel web development solutions not only in India but all over the world. Our aim is to deliver high-quality solutions by satisfying all the needs and requirements of our clients in a professional manner.

At Brevity Software Solutions, all our Laravel web development solutions are based on the tools, modules and libraries which allows easy and fast implementation of the complex functionalities. We build solid codes for our clients and write APIs and clean codes for easy version management and code maintenance. We also provide user-friendly programming environment to allow multiple developers to work together for fast and efficient results. Moreover, using a structural architectural pattern, allows us to keep the programming actions separate from the layout interface files like CSS and HTML so that the interface or the design changes can be implemented without the knowledge of intricate programming.


We have a team of Laravel developers who are well-versed with all the aspects of the Laravel framework. From consulting and strategy to implementation and integration, our Laravel developers can guide you at every stage of Laravel web development services. They take complete advantage of the simplicity and logic of the MVC architectural pattern and versatility of the Laravel framework to build feature-rich and fully scalable enterprise solutions. They are the perfect combination of talent and dedication necessary to ensure the best results.

You can hire our Laravel developers based on different hiring models – hourly basis or project basis. Drop us an inquiry at or call us at 9998520329 and one of our business development team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

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