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React Native is an advanced technology developed by the engineers at Facebook. This JavaScript framework is used for building native mobile applications using ReactJS. It comprises of advanced features which help the React Native development company to deliver cutting-edge mobile app development solutions for Android and iOS.

React Native has put an end to the age-old decision of mobile developers of developing an app that offers a better user experience or one that is faster to develop and run. It is growing rapidly and has quickly gained immense popularity among developers across the globe.

Brevity Software Solutions is a renowned React Native app development company in India having proficiency in the most recent web and mobile technology. We have a team of professional React Native developers who have an in-depth knowledge of developing intelligent mobile apps, best suited for driving your business, proficiently.


React Native is the JavaScript framework having enriched mobile UI from the declarative components. You can create cross-platform applications for Android and iOS having speed and efficiency with the help of React Native technology.
Cross-platform support
Developers can create cross-platform apps which are completely native with the help of React Native. It uses Javascript components which are built on Android or iOS components. This can save both the development cost and development time as the same code base can be used for deployment on different platforms.

Code Reusability
React Native runs on Javascript which allows code reusability for both mobile and web platforms. With reusable components, a native app can render natively by just compiling to native. The structure, components, and standards of coding used by React Native allow the developers to reuse and redeploy codes with greater ease. This reduces the overall time of the app development process.

Fast development
Third-party plugin support and a huge library of React components make the React Native App development for Android and iOS much faster.

Open source
React Native is an open-source platform, allowing React Native developers to implement its libraries and use them in APIs without any operability issues. This makes the development cost-efficient for the React Native development company.

Community-driven platform
React Native originated in 2013 and is continuously powered and endorsed by a vast community of developers.

Easy to adopt
Developers having knowledge of Javascript can develop apps for both Android and iOS platforms. They can start by developing React Native app just with the expertise of Native UI elements, platform-specific design patterns,s, and platform APIs.

Live Reload
It supports the live reload feature which allows you to see the latest changes as soon as they are implemented.

Modular and Intuitive architecture
The hyper-dynamic and intuitive architecture of the framework helps the developers to get the base for applying innovative approaches to build progressive cross-platform apps with the latest features with great backend conformity, interface detailing, and functional consistency.


  • Brevity Software Solutions is a well-known name in hybrid app development and has the best React Native developers who are backed by the process-oriented approach, to deliver you highly resourceful solutions in and around the technology.
  • We have a team of dedicated developers who are highly experienced in React Native app development to deliver the best apps.
  • At Brevity Software Solutions, we make sure that the scope and orientation of the project are well-arrived so that it fits well with our Agile development procedure.
  • We strive to deliver end-to-end customized solutions for all your needs ranging from different functional and communication perspectives to deliver you the finest results without any unnecessary exertion and high costs.
  • We provide excellent quality solutions at competitive prices.
  • Our React Native development solutions are well-versed with the latest technologies and cutting-edge development platforms to provide better solutions for your development needs. This is why trusting us for your React Native development solutions can get you the best results.


Being a professional React Native app development company, we provide a whole range of React Native Development Services for various industry verticals like Healthcare, Travel, E-Learning, Retail, Entertainment, Social Media, Lifestyle, Gaming, and others. Our wide range of services include:

  • React Native Android App Development
  • React Native iOS App Development
  • React Native App Maintenance
  • React Native UI/UX for App
  • App Migration Services from Different Platforms to React Native
  • Hybrid Mobile App Development

So, if you are looking to hire a React Native App Development Company for your React Native development needs, then Brevity is the best option for you! Let’s talk about your requirements.

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