Silverlight Development

Silverlight empowers us to make visually striking application with the assistance of Microsoft Application Development services. We can create a rich web application and media experience on the internet. Companies search for rich smart media applications to make them enhance their online presence. In the ever-evolving business sphere, it gets to be distinctly vital to search for programming that supports creating booming applications to manage in the more extended run. Microsoft’s Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug in.

Brevity utilizes Silverlight technology to create feature-rich, booming, and intelligent applications for the web which works consistently over several browsers and platforms, that makes us a successful Silverlight Development Company in India. Our team of expert developers makes brilliant UIs, animations, and graphics with integrated databases. With profound learning of ASP.Net and Visual Studio, we make dazzling applications similarly as your business needs. Silverlight Development permits making of exceedingly responsive as well as dynamic websites which are fundamentally the same as desktop applications as far as processing speed and loading time.

Some top class highlights gave in Silverlight

  • Cross-Platform support
  • DRM
  • AJAX-Support
  • .NET Framework
  • Communication
  • JavaScript Integration
  • Streaming Media
  • Support of WPF
  • HTML

The ability of our developers in utilizing tools, for example, MS Expression Blend, MS Visual Studio 2008, and MS Expression Design furnishes the clients with incredible experience of Silverlight technology.

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