How To Get More Successful and Profitable Mobile App Development Outsourcing
15Mar 2017

How To Get More Successful and Profitable Mobile App Development Outsourcing

Building up a creative mobile application turns into a contemporary trend for organizations, regardless of size and kind of their businesses to allure their targeted audience. No other advertising strategies work better than a proficiently created mobile application. Searching a most suitable mobile application development company turns out to be simple; if you can focus […]

5Dec 2016

How to Use App Shortcuts in Android 7.1 Nougat

From Android 7.1 nougat, You can define shortcuts to specific actions in your Android Application. App shortcut menu will be appear on long press on launcher icon of app. By using app shortcut user can quickly start common task in application. Generally Android App Shortcuts used to quickly perform bellow tasks : Navigating to a […]

29Nov 2016

How to Create Android Material Design Bottom Navigation

Google announced Material Design Support Library in their Google IO 2015. This month Google announced that there’s a new element to be added in Material Design components and it’s the Bottom Navigation. In this tutorial we’ll have a look on Android Material Design Bottom Navigation and how to implement it and understand its parameters and […]

9Nov 2015

How to Get Heads Up notifications in Android

Android Lollipop brings lots of good things for devices. One of the most useful thing is to make design attractive with animation by material design, along with that it also introduce a new type of notification which is known as “Heads-up” notification. When device gets high-priority notification, it think like as floating window notifications that […]

Notification with Action in iPhone
7Oct 2015

Notification with Actions

Notifications are the way to get user’s attention or communicate with user even application is not running. Notifications are used to notify user about some event or actions, or just remind user for some important task. From iOS 8 Apple introduce interesting improvement in Notification that is Notification Action. With this, user can directly interact […]