How To Get More Successful and Profitable Mobile App Development Outsourcing
15Mar 2017

How To Get More Successful and Profitable Mobile App Development Outsourcing

Building up a creative mobile application turns into a contemporary trend for organizations, regardless of size and kind of their businesses to allure their targeted audience. No other advertising strategies work better than a proficiently created mobile application. Searching a most suitable mobile application development company turns out to be simple; if you can focus […]

23Jan 2017

A Fresh Way to Succeed With Efficiency in Enterprise Mobility Business Solutions

Enterprise mobility technology drives nimble organizations that can rotate as fast as innovation pursues in this age of thrilling change. A set of services and tools for the enterprise mobility development that motions with the pace of its clients. Mobility is getting into conventional information technology (IT) as companies look at mobility as an empowering […]

16Jan 2017

Important Features of Successful Mobile Apps

If you are planning to integrate a mobile application development into your business concern, you require incorporating some fundamental features that echo your brand’s model and utilities. By the incredible selling of tablets, smartphones, and wearables, Android mobile application development has transformed into indispensable tools for dealings. A mobile app must be included as a […]

6Jan 2017

Best Principles of Effective Successful Web Design

Creating a compelling and effective website needs more than simply assembling pertinent data and transmitting it online. Similar to a proper research or paper introduction, a high caliber web design company requires much consideration of choice, association, and presentation of material with regards to the fundamental analysis itself. You ought to endeavor, most importantly, to […]

3Jan 2017

Users Concepts About Mobile Data Privacy and App Security

Today – in reality, almost nobody actually bothers about mobile security or privacy of information and data at the time of buying a pizza on a pizzeria app, or while playing a popular game. In the infrequent case, somebody hardly worries about security. Customers always consider that mobile application development company guys have already taken […]

28Dec 2016

Mobile App Development – A New Era In Travels & Tourism Industry

In today’s world, travel and tourism industry is as immense as roughly 7.1 trillion dollar, as per the statistics of recent year. We, being a Mobile Application Development Company, are quite conscious that in this amount, a huge portion has been incurred by mobile apps i.e. it’s Android app development, Apple iPhone app development, Windows […]

22Dec 2016

Get 15% Christmas Offers On Mobile & Web Development Services

Christmas is here and Santa recommended us to give you a Christmas gift! Yes, be heedful to his recommendation, Brevity Software Solutions has an offering with a booming gesture of impeccable Christmas offer on Web and Mobile Application Development. On this Christmas and New Year, we have brought a special largesse to make your festive […]

19Dec 2016

Travel Portal Booking Engine Software – Make Travel Business A Piece Of Cake!

With fierce competitors in travel industry, only those survives who act sharp and clever. Those who choose to go online, are enchained to have active travel portal booking engine Software for greater and longer business practice for convenience and profitability in travel industry. Nowadays the inclination of online bookings and searching information on the internet […]

15Dec 2016

A Glimpse of Emerging Mobile App Development Trends In 2017

Nowadays the world is moving fast on finger taps. Yes, we – a Mobile Application development company intelligibly talking about Mobile! The enlarged usage of cellular phones on various grounds has stirred some evolution in mobile applications whereas it is Android application development or iPhone application development. We, being a Mobile Application developer, have ascertained […]

5Dec 2016

How to Use App Shortcuts in Android 7.1 Nougat

From Android 7.1 nougat, You can define shortcuts to specific actions in your Android Application. App shortcut menu will be appear on long press on launcher icon of app. By using app shortcut user can quickly start common task in application. Generally Android App Shortcuts used to quickly perform bellow tasks : Navigating to a […]

29Nov 2016

How to Create Android Material Design Bottom Navigation

Google announced Material Design Support Library in their Google IO 2015. This month Google announced that there’s a new element to be added in Material Design components and it’s the Bottom Navigation. In this tutorial we’ll have a look on Android Material Design Bottom Navigation and how to implement it and understand its parameters and […]

Mobile Application Development
20Jun 2016

10 Reasons why you need a Mobile App for your Business

Business methods have changed. Along with it, has changed the way business owners approach their customers. Gone are days when customers had to find their service or product providers. We live in an age where product or service providers are constantly looking to shorten the gap between them and their customers. Tables have turned and […]

Travel Portal Development Company
10May 2016

How Travel Technology Company can Enhance your Travel and Tourism Business

Based on various online booking engines, travel portals these days have eased the way people plan their journey. World is shortened everyday by travelers across. A business that was merely about transportation companies and travelers has now become a big industry in itself. There are agencies, agents, portals and applications offering traveling solutions. To jump […]

9Nov 2015

How to Get Heads Up notifications in Android

Android Lollipop brings lots of good things for devices. One of the most useful thing is to make design attractive with animation by material design, along with that it also introduce a new type of notification which is known as “Heads-up” notification. When device gets high-priority notification, it think like as floating window notifications that […]

15Oct 2015

Different Types Of Notification In Android

Android allows user to notify on new message arrived as well as some calendar – based events by notification. Notification is a user interface element that will display outside of any other app’s normal UI to indicate that an event has occurred. Users can choose to view the notification while using other apps and respond to […]